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Last Updated: Wednesday November 03 2010 16:40 GMT

Young male polar bear arriving in Scotland soon

Walker the polar bear

Say hello to Walker, a young male polar bear who's coming to live in Scotland from a zoo in the Netherlands.

He's due at the Highland Wildlife Park, where he'll join Mercedes, currently the only polar bear in a UK zoo!

Walker's just 23 months old so he's too young to have kids, but the plan is for him to breed when he gets older.

He's getting a new home to allow his pregnant mum to focus on looking after her new baby - something that would happen if they were in the wild.

It will take at least three years before Walker is grown up enough to father cubs.

Keepers are planning to bring in a female polar bear in the future for him to mate with.

Mercedes is much older than Walker and is expected to be a mother figure to the youngster, who's been described as having "a cheeky side"!