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Last Updated: Tuesday November 02 2010 07:25 GMT

Chilean miner Edison Pena to run New York City Marathon

Freed Chilean miner Edison Pena

The freed Chilean miner known as "the Runner" because he used to jog while trapped inside the mine is set to run the New York City Marathon.

Edison Pena was invited by marathon officials to attend, but he's now said he wants to RUN the race on 7 November!

"He absolutely, 100 percent wants to participate," said marathon organiser Mary Wittenberg.

It's reported that Pena used to run up to 5 miles every day in the mine tunnels when he was trapped.

New York will be Pena's first marathon, but he has competed in a triathlon in his home country before.

Pena was the 12th miner to be rescued from the 33 who were stuck underground for more than two months.