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Last Updated: Friday October 29 2010 17:20 GMT

In pics: Cool canines show off their hairdos!

Dog Andy shows off his hair

Photographer Tim Flach loves dogs and captured some cool shots of the pooches. Andy is a puli - he's probably jumping for joy because he's got one of the best hairdos around!

Bulldog Harry looks a bit grumpy

Bulldog Harry and his other canine pals appear in Tim's new book called Dogs - because it's all about them!

Dalmatians asleep

It's time for a nap for these dalmatian puppies. They are lovely and spotty now, but dalmatian puppies are born white and the spots appear over the first few weeks.

Dalmation strikes a pose for the camera

But there's no sleeping for their big sister - she looks like she knows just how to strike a pose for the camera!

This Shar-pei looks a bit sleepy

This girl looks sleepy! Shar-pei dogs like this one are most wrinkled when they're puppies.

Alan shows off his hair

Now for some more hairdos - first up is Alan going for the fluffy look in black...

Bichon frise Eric shows off his white hair

... and copying him is bichon frise Eric going for the same look in white...

Dog Chico with his smooth hair

... but Chico has opted for something a bit different - a super smooth and super shiny hairstyle...

Afghan hound Goscia

Though it looks like Afghan hound Goscia doesn't have time for the cameras and walks right past!