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Last Updated: Wednesday October 27 2010 16:58 GMT

In pics: Indonesia tsunami damage

Indonesian tsunami - the remains of village Muntei Baru Baru

There's not much left of Muntei Baru Baru, one of at least 10 villages that have been swept away by the tsunami that hit a group of islands in western Indonesia.

Indonesian tsunami - uprooted trees on island

Waves up to three metres high were triggered by a strong underwater earthquake. The water has caused lots of damage on the Mentawai islands, destroying lots of houses and trees.

Indonesian tsunami - damaged village on North Pagai island

At least 272 people have been left dead by the tsunami. Hundreds more are still missing.

Indonesian tsunami - damaged house on North Pagai island

Officials say there were problems with a warning system that was designed to alert local people to the tsunami.

Indonesian tsunami - Australian survivors in Padang

These Australian surfers are among the lucky survivors. Some of them were thrown off their boat by the waves and swept away into the jungle.

Indonesian tsunami - tonnes of aid has arrived in Padang

Tonnes of aid have arrived at Padang, the closest port to the islands, but rough seas have made it difficult getting it to survivors.