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Last Updated: Thursday October 28 2010 05:31 GMT

In pics: Training for flamingo who thinks she's human!

Baby flamingo

This baby is the youngest member of the flamingo flock at Blackpool Zoo in Lancashire - and she thinks she's a zoo keeper!

Baby flamingo

After hatching, the first person it saw was James her zoo keeper and from then the fluffy flamingo thought she was a zoo keeper too!

Baby flamingo and her zoo keeper

If the chick had hatched at the same time as other flamingos, it would would have realised it was a flamingo like the others.

Baby flamingo being fed

At first the baby was fed water by a syringe, hard-boiled egg yolks and chopped fish, but now it's eating special flamingo pellets, which provide all the nutrition the chick needs.

Baby flamingo

As the chick gets older she's showing more natural flamingo behaviour. With the help of James and his team, she's learning fast!

Baby flamingo with the rest of the flock

The fluffy bird is going for daily wades in the pond and spending time with the rest of the flamingos so it can get used to the sights and sounds of the flock.

Baby flamingo with the rest of the flock

The future is looking bright for the little flamingo - and will be even brighter when she becomes an adult and turns pink!