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Last Updated: Wednesday October 27 2010 06:14 GMT

Rescuers race to reach survivors of Indonesian tsunami

Destruction on North Pagai (Pagai Utara), one of the Mentawai islands off the west coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island after the tsunami

Rescue teams are battling to search for survivors after a tsunami hit a remote group of islands in western Indonesia.

An underwater earthquake triggered 3m-high waves to crash into the Mentawai islands, west of Sumatra, on Monday.

Officials say many villages have been swept away, more than 100 people have died and hundreds more are missing.

Bad weather and aftershocks have been making things difficult for rescuers but they're doing all they can to get emergency supplies to the islands.

The nearest port to the islands is Padang, in Sumatra, but rough seas have already forced one ship carrying aid supplies to turn back and forecasters say the bad weather is set to continue.

Volcanic eruptions

A rescuer stands at a village hit by pyroclastic flows from Tuesday's eruption of Mount Merapi in Kinahrejo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
The volcano is expected to erupt again, causing even more devastation

The tsunami is one of two natural disasters to hit Indonesia over the past few days.

In another part of the country, at least 25 people have died since Mount Merapi volcano started erupting, throwing ash and rocks into the air.

Thousands of people have left their homes for safety, but officials fear the death toll may rise as lots of people are refusing to go.

A map of the area affected by the tsunami
A map showing where the underwater earthquake that triggered the tsunami struck