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Last Updated: Tuesday October 26 2010 05:09 GMT

In pics: Dogs dress up for New York's Halloween Parade!

Dog dressed up as Lady Gaga, complete with meaty dress!

It's the 20th Annual Halloween Dog Parade in Tompkins Square Park in New York, America, and Mabel is dressing up as none other than Lady Gaga, complete with a meaty dress!

Sissy the Norfolk Terrier dressed as a box.

Next down the catwalk (or should it be dogwalk..?) is Sissy the Norfolk Terrier. Sissy looks so good in her box, you could eat breakfast off her!

Dog dressed up as a lobster!

Not happy with being a dog, this fella went for the lobster look - but don't worry the pot is just for show, the pooch won't be cooked in it!

Dog dressed up as a pirate ship.

Maybe this four-legged friend wants a part on Pirates of the Caribbean...?

Dog and her pals dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

Casey and pals simply love Minnie Mouse and wanted to dress up as their hero.

Dog dressed up in prison outfit!

Maybe this pooch hasn't been a good boy as he's dressed for doggy prison.

Eli the chihuahua and owner dress up as Cleopatra.

It's off to Egypt for Eli the chihuahua and owner as they dress up as the country's ancient ruler Cleopatra.