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Last Updated: Friday October 22 2010 14:23 GMT

Record-breaking giant pumpkin tops scales in America

World's heaviest pumpkin loaded onto a tractor

A massive pumpkin that weighs more than 800kg is officially the world's heaviest according to the Guinness World Records.

Coming in at 821.24kg this pumpkin is more than 35kg heavier than the previous record holder.

It's so big that it measures 4.7m round the middle and it could only be moved around on a tractor.

There's enough flesh on this pumpkin to make 900 pies although it will be probably turned into compost instead.

Chris Stevens, from New Richmond in America, grew the enormous fruit.

He said his secret was a mixture of sunshine, rain, cow poo and seaweed: "It takes luck. It takes good seed. It takes good soil."

The pumpkin will go on display to the public in New York until 31 October - Halloween.