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Last Updated: Monday October 25 2010 16:27 GMT

In pics: YOUR best animal pictures

This butterfly snapshot was sent in by Sally, 13, who took it ner

We've been asking to see some of your best animals photos, so Sally, 13, sent us this shot of a butterfly taking time out on a flower, at Consall Forge, near Leek in Staffordshire.

A dolphin at Barcelona Zoo, taken by 11-year-old Anna

And check out this amazing shot of a dolphin at Barcelona Zoo. It was taken by 11-year-old Anna from Swansea, when she was 10.

A monkey eating a flower at

Dominic, 11, in Kent, took this photo at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. He said: "It was from one of the monkey enclosures and it is my favourite pic I have ever taken!"

A squirrel snapped by 13-year-old Wayne in Staffordshire

This squirrel was caught on camera having a snack by 13-year-old Wayne in Staffordshire.

Candy the Rabbit

Candy looks like a well behaved rabbit in this pic snapped by her owner, 11-year-old Lucy from Surrey.

White tiger in Indian zoo

When 13-year-old Ajay went to India this summer, he took this photo of a white Indian tiger during a trip to the zoo. Ajay said: "It was truly enormous."

Meerkat photo taken at Lympne Zoo.

India-Mae, 13, from Sutton snapped this meerkat at Lympne Zoo in Kent. The little fella seems to be a professional when it comes to posing for the camera!

Cat Tigerlily snapped having a yawn

12-year-old Karima grabbed a pic of pet cat Tigerlily at home. Is Tigerlily having a yawn or a growl..?

Bird photo taken in the Netherlands

Stephanie, 13, from the Netherlands snapped this cool close-up during a trip to an animal park with her mum and friend.

Alice's cats, Tad and Chewey

And Alice sent us this photo of her cats, Tad and Chewey. If you've got any animal or wildlife snaps, we'd love to see them...


Just one thing to remember... if you or your mates are in the picture we need to check it's OK with your mum and dad so please include a contact telephone number for them.

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