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Last Updated: Tuesday October 19 2010 15:58 GMT

Crawlie critters face MEGA close-up

A spider

How would you fancy getting up close and personal with this creepy-looking critter? With that many eyes it probably couldn't miss you!

A black ant

Photographer John Hallmen braved this black ant's sharp teeth to take its picture on a nature reserve near his home in Stockholm, Sweden.

A damselfly

John is starting to make a name for himself with his mega close-up snapshots, like this one of a damselfly.

A pink-faced puss moth caterpillar.

This bizarre-looking creature is a pink-faced puss moth caterpillar. It's been magnified up to 23 times its normal size!

A horse fly

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope - it's a horse fly... really, really close up!


Head louse


How much do you know about head lice?


Spider in a web


How much do you know about the eight-legged creatures?