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Last Updated: Tuesday October 19 2010 17:10 GMT

Big changes announced for British armed forces

Sonali finds out what changes are being made

Britain's armed forces are in action around the world - now the government is making changes to the way they work.

The way wars are fought has changed so the government wants the Army, Navy and RAF to be better equipped to deal with modern threats, like terrorist groups.

To do this, they're getting rid of the stuff they say armed forces don't need.

This includes scrapping the Navy's biggest ship, the Ark Royal aircraft carrier, getting rid of Harrier jump jets and axing thousands of jobs.

But Prime Minister David Cameron said support for troops in Afghanistan, where British troops have been fighting for the past 10 years, would not be cut.

Some people say the changes are just about saving money and they're worried they'll make the Armed Forces weaker, not stronger.