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Last Updated: Tuesday October 19 2010 09:39 GMT

Huge typhoon hits northern Philippines

Man walks through the rain in Philippines

Typhoon Megi has battered the northern Philippines with heavy rain and strong winds.

Children in a Typoon shelter

Many people have had to leave their houses because of the storm, and are living in public shelters.

Man in the rain

It's been called a 'super typhoon' by weather experts because it's the strongest storm to hit the Asian country in four years.

A tree that has been uprooted by the typhoon

The storm has hit Isabella and Cagayan provinces really badly. Trees were torn down and streets flooded.

Petrol station

The islands were battered by winds of up to 140 miles per hour. The storm destroyed many buildings, including this petrol station.

Electricity poles blown down by typhoon Megi

Communications links have been badly affected by the storm. Lots of roads have been blocked off by falling trees.

Man carries his dog to safety

This man's house was flooded and he had to carry his dog to safety in Cabangan City in the northern Philippines.

A woman looking through her damaged property

It's not just people's homes that have been badly damaged. The rice crop has also been devastated.