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Last Updated: Monday October 18 2010 18:38 GMT

No new Manchester United deal for Rooney

Mark Chapman with Sonali and Ore

Will Wayne Rooney leave United?

A new twist in the Rooney story might back up rumours that he's fallen out with his manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Journalists are reporting that United have been told Wayne Rooney will not make a new agreement to play with the club when his old one runs out.

The striker's contract lasts until the summer of 2012. That's a very long way off, but talks about a new deal had already started.

It seems the talks have broken down so now some people think he may leave.

But Manchester United says reports that Rooney will be sold in January, perhaps to Real Madrid, are nonsense.

Rooney hasn't had a great season so far, scoring just one goal for United - a penalty against West Ham in August.

What row?

There's been some confusion about WHY Rooney is not playing so well, and hasn't played in some recent games.

Sir Alex has said Rooney had an injured ankle, and that's the problem. But Rooney has said his ankle is fine, and he doesn't know why Sir Alex said it wasn't.

Problems in Wayne Rooney's private life were splashed all over the papers earlier in the year, and some people think Sir Alex has been annoyed by that.

It's all led to talk that Wayne Rooney could walk out of Old Trafford.

If that happens, it wouldn't be the first time Sir Alex has let a big name leave the club.

David Beckham was sold in 2003 after Sir Alex was said to have lost his patience in the changing rooms and kicked a boot at the England star's face!