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Last Updated: Friday October 15 2010 15:12 GMT

Tom Daley fills NR in on his Commonwealth Games glory

Swimmer Tom Daley talks to Hayley

Watch Hayley's interview with Tom Daley

Double Commonwealth diving champion Tom Daley says winning two gold medals in Delhi was "an amazing experience" after coming back from a triceps injury.

The 16-year-old grabbed gold in the 10m synchro and individual 10m platform, in which he scored a perfect dive.

He said: "When I was spinning around I knew that it could've been good... But when I saw that every judge gave me a perfect 10 I was very happy."

Tom hurt his arm in August, so he couldn't defend his European title.

Tom's dad usually joins him at events to cheer him on, but he couldn't make it to the Commonwealth Games because he's not well.

"It was weird not having my dad there but I knew he'd be watching on TV and I'd be speaking to him every day," said Tom.

The 16-year-old world champion rang his dad straight after winning his first gold in Delhi and said all his family were in the front room cheering.

Now the Games are over, it's back to school for Tom, but he still sees the bright side: "It's only one week left until half term!"

'Tom pretenders'

Meanwhile, fans of the talented teenager are being warned about people who pretend to be Tom online.

If you want to know what he's really up to, we'll keep you up to date. You can also check out his official website - the link's on the right hand side of this page.