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Last Updated: Friday October 15 2010 16:44 GMT

Artist cooks up tasty sculptures from food!

Amazing train made out of chocolate!

This photo of a train looks pretty cool - but take a closer look, can you tell what the train is made from?

Amazing train made out of chocolate!

Yes, that's right - CHOCOLATE! The mouth-watering train was made from chocolate bars and biscuits by this photographer for his new book, Carl Warner's Food Landscapes. Tasty work!

A view of the countryside made out of salami.

This might seem like trees and fields, but it's actually all made out of meat!

Photographer Carl taking one of his amazing pictures.

Here's Carl working on his masterpiece. It takes him upto three days to build and photograph his art and another few days to make the final touches to the pics.

London city made out of food.

There's no limits to what can be created - do you recognise this city? It's London, but not as we know it - it's the fruit and veg version.

Cowboy scene made out of meat and vegetables.

Is this a scene from a cowboy movie, or some meat and vegetables? Carl's been creating food pics for about 10 years and they've proved a hit around the world.

Sea picture made from fish.

It's time to head to the sea - but there seems to be something fishy about the water...

Photographer Carl taking one of his amazing pictures.'s been made out of real fish! Here's Carl setting it all up.

Trees made out of broccoli!

We all know that broccoli look like little trees, so they were the best choice to create this countryside picture.

Fields and hot air balloons made out of fruit and vegetables.

A summer's day with hot-air balloons - or flying fruit and veg?

Head made out of vegetables.

And this guy, well we think he definitely gets his five fruit and veg a day!


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