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Last Updated: Thursday November 18 2010 14:55 GMT

Single review: Cheryl Cole - Promise This

The cover of Cheryl Cole's single, Promise This

Release date

24 October 2010

The style

Cheryl's back with a thumping dance track! It's the first single from her second solo album, Messy Little Raindrops, which is out on 1 November.

The words

Cheryl belts out a chorus in French "Alouette uette uette, déployer l'aile". We think this means something like 'Lark, lark, lark, spread your wings', but if you see Cheryl about, will you ask her for a translation? Ta!

The lyrics play on a French nursery rhyme about plucking a lark - nice eh?! Cheryl gives it a whacking great update, borrowing the words for a song about love, set to a synth-heavy bassline.

Will you still be humming it next week?

It's not as catchy as Fight For This Love, but you'll definitely be dancing to it.

Will it make the charts?

Without a doubt. We reckon the X Factor judge has a major hit on her hands.

NR rating:

Four out of five

Your Comments

"Cheryl is a bit overrated. This song is good, but not great. It's not worth the hype."

Caty and Emily, 12, Chelmsford, England

"I am Cheryl Cole's biggest fan. I love Promise This and her other songs."

Hannah, 9, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

"The best song in the world!"

Shannon, 10, Devon, England

"I love it! It's so good and it describes how Cheryl felt when she got malaria!"

Munisah, 9, Newcastle, England

"I prefer Fight For This Love, but I still think this is really catchy!"

Imaan, 10, London, England

"It's amazing. I love it!"

Taryn, 10, Lincolnshire, England

"I think this is her best song she's ever done! GO CHERYL COLE!"

Jessica, 10, Doncaster, England

"LOVE IT! This is the best song she's ever sung!"

Mash, 11, Birmingham, England


Sophie, 9, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I love your new single. It is AMAZING!"

Molly, 9, Aberystwyth, Wales

"I think it's smashing!"

Afiyah, 10, Wycombe, England

"I just love it!"

Natalia, 10, Yorkshire, England

"What a cool song!"

Melissa, 12, Leicester, England

"I love Cheryl Cole and I love this song! I'm glad it was top of the charts!"

Nicole, 10, Cheshire, England

"I absolutely love this song and everything about it! It's so amazing. Well done Cheryl."

Amy, 9, Hartlepool, England

"I love Cheryl Cole! She's my favourite singer and I love her new song!"

Sasha, 10, Yorkshire, England

"I think it's wonderful and I could listen to it all day!"

Libby, 10, Hull, England

"Cheryl is a really good dancer and she really expresses her feelings in this song!"

Sophie, 10, Halifax, England

"I think it's fab. I also think it's her best song yet! It's so catchy!"

Rebecca, 11, Manchester, England

"I think this is her best song yet, it is amazing! Me and my mates have already sung it and made up dances to it. Cheryl you rock!"

Olivia, 11, Manchester, England

"I love the song Promise This. I think she's a good dancer!"

Natalie, 12, Clwyd, Wales

"I quite like it, it's a bit different from her usual songs. It's really catchy!"

Emma, 10, Stirling and Falkirk, Scotland

"I think Cheryl Cole's new song is really good! I wish she would do more songs as a solo artist!"

Charlie, 11, London, England

"I think it is very nice to listen to."

Ashley, 10, Leicestershire, England

"I love this new song, it's fab!"

Mary, 12, Bristol, England

"I love this song! It was played SIX times at my school disco!"

Ciara, 10, Ireland

"I love this song, it's amazing and very catchy!"

Leah, 13, London, England

"I think it's a great song, I'm a big fan of Cheryl and I could listen to this song non-stop! CHERYL COLE ROCKS!"

Rachel, 13, Newcastle, England

"I like every single song that she's sung, including this one!"

Caitlin, 10, London, England

"Cheryl's new single is really good. Whenever I am bored I listen to it and it makes me smile. I don't know all the words yet but I will do soon!"

Gemma, 11, London, England

"Nope...this song does nothing for me. I'm not a big Cheryl fan to be honest."

Katie, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think it's FAB!!!"

Rafia, 11, Surrey, England

"It's one of my favourite songs at the minute but my family don't like it! Never mind, I just listen to it with headphones on!"

Maddy, 9, York, England

" I love this song. I think Chezza is a great role model."

Kara, 12, Scotland

"Brrrrilliant! I always listen to it!"

Cheryl, 10, Birmingham, England

"Cheryl's new song is awesome!! I love it, GO CHERYL!"

Katie, 9, Cambridge, England

"I think it is emotional and the video has perfect acting! Best of luck to Cheryl for her career- I wish her all the best!!"

Ramnik, 11, Huddersfield, England

"I like her new song very much, and her hair!"

Abigail, 13, Sussex, England

"I think it's wicked- I could listen to it 1000 times! It's great, I give it 9 out of 10!"

Eve, 10, Cheshire, England

"I heard it on the radio the first time and I loved it!! I love Cheryl Cole!!"

Orna, 9, Belfast, England

"It's really good if you listen to it a couple of times. I'd like to know what she says at the beginning of the song (the bit in French)."

Beckie, 10, Leeds, England

"What?! Newsround gave this a 4! This is an awesome piece of music! If you ask me, this is 110% good. Keep it up Cheryl."

Alice, 10, Oxfordshire, England

"I love the song but I don't really like the video."

Eloise, 7, London, England

"The song is very good. I am her biggest fan!"

Tyler, 9, Wiltshire, England

"I love the new song."

Halle, 7, London, England

"Love the song and so do my friends. I'm glad she has done another album- 3 Words was brill. I'm gonna get Messy Little Raindrops for Xmas."

Sarah, 10, Tyne and Wear, England

"I love the song- it is really good! It is my favourite song EVER!"

Pearce, 10, Stockport, England

"I love it!"

Abbey, 6, County Durham, England

"This song is brill and I love it!"

Katherine, 11, London, England

"I like this song, but I got a bit bored half way through. 7/10."

Bethany, 12, Reading, England

"I loved Cheryl Cole's new song Promise This! I think it's fantastic. My rating for this song is 10/10!"

Leena, 10, London, England

"I like this song, but she's done better!"

Mica, 10, London, England

"I think this is a great single!"

Lottie, 10, Bristol, England

"The song's very catchy!"

Rachel, 11, Essex, England

"It's absolute rubbish!"

Amy, 10, Berkshire, England

"I LOVE Cheryl's new single Promise This!"

Helena, 12, London, England

"I think it's an amazing song!"

Makia, 11, Sheffield, England

"I really like it. It's very catchy"

Dani, 13, London, England

"I think this song is outstanding! I listen and dance to it every single day! This song is one of Cheryl's best songs! Go Cheryl"

Kaya, 10, Blackpool, England

"I love Cheryl's new song. It's really catchy!"

Kerri, 11, Devon, England

"Cheryl Cole's new single is truly astonishing! I love it!"

Natalie, 14, Shropshire, England

"This album is absolutely amazing! It's her best song so far!"

Abi, 13, Penarth, Wales

"I love the new song! It's amazing!"

Emily, 9, Leeds, England

"Cheryl, your new song Promise This is amazing. I love it so much!"

Millie, 8, Norfolk, England

"This is Cheryl's best song yet. It's BRILLIANT!"

Tasha, 11, UK

"She is the best! I first heard this on The X Factor and I couldn't resist freeze-framing it and playing it again."

Rebecca, 10, London, England

"It's OK, but not as good as her other songs. 8/10."

Ashley, 9, England

"It is AMAZING!"

Waleed, 13, Manchester, England

"It is so good! She is a good person. I love what she wears, it is so lovely."

Ellie, 8, Wrexham, Wales

"This is such a good song! I'm listening to it right now! The French is different and gives the song something special."

Yasmin, 12, Sheffield, England

"I love love love this song! I wrote my own song based on this tune and I want to record Cheryl and other peeps singing it, but let's see how it goes!"

Jade, 9, Leeds, England

"I think Cheryl Cole's new song is cool, I am her biggest fan!"

Tiegan, 10, Northampton, England

"Great and catchy."

Zoe, 10, Newcastle, England

"I'm not a fan of this song. I think there are better and more creative artists. 5/10."

Bethany, 12, London, England

"I love this song so much!! It's awesome!!"

Molly, 12, Swansea, Wales

"I love this song and she sang it brilliantly on The X Factor."

Jacob, 10, Sheffield, England

"Great song Cheryl, it is the best song ever!"

Maddie, 7, Northumberland, England

"It is great, I dance to it at my dancing class!"

Aimee, 9, Perth, Scotland

"I love this song!! And I always watch Newsround every day!"

Sundeep, 11, Wolverhampton, England

"I think it is great, I love it! It should be a number one hit."

Courtney, 11, Essex, England

"I never thought I would like a song with French in it this much (I'm rubbish at French!), but this is my favourite song at the moment!"

Isabel, 12, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I promise that this is my favourite EVER song!"

Rachel, 9, Portsmouth, England

"I love Cheryl Cole's song Promise This! It's so cool. I just want to listen to it all the time!"

Pearls, 8, Manchester, England


Louise, 11, Buckinghamshire, England

"It's really cool!"

Lidia, 13, England

"This is a very good song."

Samar, 12, London, England

"I think Promise This is an awesome song, but what I don't understand is that it doesn't sound like her real voice on this song."

Nathan, 10, Bradford, England

"I love this song!"

Iola, 11, Scotland

"I think Promise This is a great song! It's really amazing. Since it's been released, I haven't stopped listening to it! Keep it up Cheryl."

Sophie, 12, Birmingham, England

"I love it. It's amazing! It has a brilliant rhythm and is very catchy. 10 out of 10."

Emma, 13, Sunderland, England

"I really dislike it, but I love all of Cheryl's other songs!"

Lydia, 9, Kent, England

"It's great! I'm loving it!

Anoushka, 13, London, England

"I think this song is ace!"

Eyerus, 11, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I LOVE this song! I can't stop singing the French bit!"

Olivia, 12, Northampton, England

"This should be number one. Great song Cheryl!"

Fawziyah, 13, Bolton, England

"I love Cheryl Cole so much and my dad and I sing to all of your songs."

Victoria, 7, Devon, England

"I quite like it, it has a good catchy rhythm. I have already learnt the dance routine with my dance partner!"

Olivia, 11, Hampshire, England

"I love it! It's one of my favourite songs now!"

Ella, 10, Surrey, England

"I love Cheryl Cole's new song Promise This, it's so catchy!"

Grace, 12, Carmarthenshire, Wales

"I think she has the most amazing voice and her song is so catchy! She deserves to be number one!"

Luise, 8, London, England

"Amazing! I love it!!"

Sophie, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"I love this song! It is one of my favourites. I think it is better than Fight For This Love."

Tamara, 12, London, England

"I love it to bits!"

Abbey, 6, Durham, England

"I love Cheryl Cole, she's so amazing. I love this song it's so fabulous!"

Leila, 10, Los Angeles, USA

"Great song Cheryl!"

Natasha, 11, Berkshire, England

"I love your songs Cheryl, they are the best!"

Chloe, 11, Norfolk, England

"I think Cheryl has taken the top spot by miles. Her new single is FAB!"

Becky, 10, Sheffield, England

"I love this song. It's so catchy. I love it!"

Ellen, 12, Oxford, England

"I thought it was BRILL!"

Eleanoe, 11, England

"I think that Cheryl Cole is an amazing artist and her new single is incredible and inspiring. I love it so much!"

Leyah, 11, Birmingham, England

"This song is really catchy!"

Zain, 8, London, England

"I personally think it's cool, but I think her dancing is better than her singing."

Alice, 8, Dublin, Ireland

"I love this new single! I think it's brilliant!"

Ellie, 9, York, England

"I think it was a really great song. I also think that Cheryl showed lots of emotion and passion in it. Now that I've listened to it once, I can't stop!"

Charlotte, 11, Devon, England

"AMAZING! Love this so much!"

Rachel, 12, Ireland

"This song is OK I suppose. It's better than Fight For This Love, but not as good as Parachute. 7/10."

Joe, 12, Yorkshire, England


Asia, 10, London, England

"I love all of Cheryl's songs, but Promise This is one of her best!"

Eva, 8, California, USA

"I love this song! It's really catchy and it's always in my head in the morning! One of Cheryl's better songs!"

April, 12, Leeds, England

"This song is awesome. I normally don't like Cheryl Cole but this song is really good."

Nance, 9, Lincolnshire, England

"This is one of my favourite songs! Cheryl Cole is really cool!"

Holly, 11, Middlesbrough, England

"I love this song. I think it's the best song she has ever sung!"

Ashley, 12, Scotland

"I don't think it's very good at all!"

Lillian, 9, N. Ireland

"I love this song and I really annoy my sister by singing it all the time!"

Ana, 11, Leicestershire, England

"When I first came across this song I wasn't sure if I liked it. But when I heard it a few more times I thought it was good. I love the chorus and think it's really catchy."

Elle, 11, Essex, England

"It's average. Not the best from her, but I am still a fan of her work!"

Olivia, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"I think this song is fab and so catchy. All my friends love it!"

Georgina, 11, Manchester, England

"I think it's absolutely amazing and really shows who she is and where she's been."

Josephine, 12, Essex, England

"We really love the new song! 'Alouette uette uette, déployer l'aile' means 'Lark lark lark, spread your wings'! It is a good song!"

Sencha & Rosalind, 14, Paris, France

"Love this song! I listen to it all day. I got to sing Promise This in front of the school!"

Alana, 11, Manchester, England

"It's my fave song!"

Abbie, 13, Val-d'Oise, France

"I love it! It's awesome and I love to dance to it in my room. I know all the words and sing it in the shower! I love Cheryl Cole!"

Sophie, 10, Manchester, England

"I really like this song, it's one of those songs that you just want to dance and sing along to. Great!"

Georgi, 11, Norfolk, England

"This is the best song in the world! I love it, it is so catchy! When I hear it I sing along."

Andrea, 10, England

"I LOVE Cheryl's new single! I watch The X factor every week!"

Asvina, 9, London, England

"I absolutely love Cheryl Cole. As well as being a great singer, she is also a great performer. I love her new single Promise This, it is so totally awesome!"

Sarah, 12, Cheshire, England

"I love her new song. I love the way she sings about her feelings. 10/10!!"

Caoimhe, 13, Co. Clare, Ireland

"I absolutely love it (and Cheryl, she's a lovely person!). It's a brilliant song!"

Charlee, 13, Essex, England

"I love her new hit. I listen to it all the time."

Clara, 6, Mansfield, England

"I don't really like this song! It is not as good as Parachute or Fight For This Love. 5/10."

Ryan, 11, London, England

"I really like Cheryl's new song. It's so nice!"

Sadia, 13, Manchester, England

"I really love this song! It's better than any of her other songs in my opinion!"

Amber, 13, Norfolk, England

"It's fantastic!"

Olivia, 10, Merseyside, England

"This song is so catchy and I adore the video! GO CHERYL!"

Jess, 11, London, England

"I thought it was complete rubbish. I've never been a big fan of Cheryl."

Callum, 11, Nottingham, England

"I love the song! It's one of my favourites and I would give it a 10/10!"

Lauren, 9, Edinburgh, Scotland

"It's better than Fight For This Love in my opinion! It's OK I guess, but I prefer other songs of a different genre."

Megan, 11, Dundee, Scotland

"Cheryl's new song Promise This is amazing! It's a really catchy song!"

Maisy, 9, London, England

"I love Cheryl's new song. I can't get it out of my head at the moment! The video is amazing and I can't wait for her next song to come out!"

Lily, 9, Manchester, England

"This song is very good! 9/10! I really like it. Some people say it's not as good as Fight For This Love, but it's a completely different style from it! So you can't compare the two!"

Tom, 13, Belfast, N. Ireland

"I love Cheryl Cole's new song and I am so glad it went to number one. Well done Cheryl!"

Rebecca, 12, Dover, England

"I love her new song! Very catchy!"

Cara, 11, Scotland

"This song is nothing compared to Fight For This Love."

Lily, 8, Birmingham, England

"This song is really cool and so catchy!"

Eve, 12, Cheshire, England

"Cheryl is a fantastic person and a great singer. Her new song is fab!"

Alex, 11, Wolverhampton, England


Samad, 12, Midlands, England

"I love Promise This because Cheryl expresses her mind and lets her inner soul out."

Francesca, 8, Co. Durham, England

"I think it's a good song, but not as good as Fight For This Love or 3 Words."

Yasmin, 12, Sheffield, England

"It's one of my favourite songs. I think Promise This is slightly better than Fight For This Love."

Sara, 11, London, England

"Absolutely amazing! It's very catchy and will do just as well as her other singles, if not better."

Freya, 12, Plymouth, England

"Best song of the month, year, decade, century, millennium and UNIVERSE! 10/10!"

Kitty, 11, Bournemouth, England

"It's nothing special really. It's a bit better than 3 Words, but it's not a song you'll be singing in your head!"

Chloe, 13, Norfolk, England

"I think this song is amazing, I really want to be like her. She is a good singer and she should stay strong."

Dana, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"This is a great song. I really think Cheryl is a great singer and dancer. She needs to win some Brit Awards - come on Cheryl!"

Hassan, 11, London, England

"Awesome, her best song yet!"

Amelia, 8, Leeds, England

"It is OK. I love to dance to it!!"

Hannah, 7, London, England

"Cheryl is great, I love her new song. I can't get it out of my head!"

Charlie, 11, Middlesbrough, England

"Cheryl's new song is brill. I like how she reflects her feelings in her songs as a solo artist."

Olivia, 12, England

"I have played this song 40 times! I adore Cheryl."

James, 10, Surrey, England

"Wow, this song is the best, I'm loving it!"

Lauren, 9, Leeds, England

"I think this song is great, Cheryl's best yet. She is a great singer and I am her number one fan, I absolutely love her. She is fab!!"

Nicole, 11, London, England

"I love it. She has worked so hard this year, with Ashley, malaria and the cotton wool phobia thing. She's really pulled it off here. Well done, Cheryl."

Luke, 14, Portsmouth, England

"I love Cheryl's new song Promise This, it's fab! I can't wait for her new album. I wish I could dance and sing like her, she's my idol."

Hannah, 10, England

"Cheryl is an amazing person, especially coping with all she has been through this year. Her song is great and shows she is ready to move on and go forward."

Becky, 12, Dover, England

"I think Cheryl is awesome - love her new song!"

Chloe, 11, Nottingham, England

"I love Cheryl's new song. It is fab - her best song yet. I wish I could sing like her!"

Tilda, 11, Wiltshire, England

"I love this song even though I don't really like Cheryl Cole."

Chantal, 12, London, England

"I think that Cheryl's new single is the best one she's ever made. I like the dancing in the video."

Tia, 7, London, England

"I love this song!!! I am definitely gonna get her album!"

Lois, 13, Belfast, N. Ireland

"Love this song! Way to go, Cheryl! Cheryl is my number one singer and my hero! 10/10!"

Cara, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Cheryl is a fantastic singer. I really like her new song, it's amazing."

Molly, 9, Berkshire, England

"I think it is rubbish and really overproduced."

Lucienne, 12, Oxford, England

"I think Cheryl's song is cool, I love the beats!"

Adam, 11, Derry, N. Ireland

"I love this song, it's brilliant. Cheryl is an amazing singer and I love the video."

Jessica, 11, Newport, Wales

"This song gets me in an energetic mood when I'm down, so it's a thumbs up from me!"

Nivetha, 12, London, England

"I love this song to bits! Cheryl is an amazing singer!"

Amy, 7, London, England

"I love Cheryl's new single!"

Chloe, 9, Lincolnshire, England

"I think Cheryl's new song Promise This is fab! I wish I had a voice like hers!"

Hannah, 10, England

"I think she's the best ever! This is gonna be a HOT seller! I think she will win an award or two! Watch out Lady Gaga, there's a new superstar on the street!"

Anais, 10, Bristol, England

"I love this song! Cheryl is an amazing singer and I love the video as well!"

Jessica, 11, Wales

"I think it's brilliant, one of my favourites!"

Harriet, 11, London, England

"I love Cheryl!! Her song is absolutely amazing. I LOVE it!!"

Jegasaini, 9, London, England

"I think it's brilliant! She's a good singer and I think she's better as a solo artist."

Jo Jo, 14, Somerset, England

"I'm a huge Cheryl fan and I think Promise This is her best song yet!"

Morven, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I don't really like the song Promise This as it's really boring, it's not like Fight for This Love!"

Yasmeena, 12, London, England

"I love this song, it's the best! I can't stop singing it."

Anna, 10, Greater Manchester, England

"To be honest, I find this song a bit boring. I expected better from Cheryl."

Selma, 13, London, England

"The song is amazing. I think it's all about her surviving malaria."

Eve, 10, UK

"I like the song, but Fight for This Love is way better. I think the video is a bit boring and the song can be too. I really love Cheryl though, she's my idol!!"

Sophia, 12, Bournemouth, England

"I liked this song but it kind of went past in a blur. It didn't really have a message or point to it, unlike Fight for This Love which was connected to her divorce with Ashley. Overall I would give it 6/10."

Anna, 11, London, England

"It is awesome!! I love it, can't wait 'til I can download it."

Natalie, 11, Blackpool, England

"This song is awesome for pop lovers. It's Cheryl's best song yet in my opinion, but I'm dying to know what it means!"

Melissa, 12, West Bromwich, England

"The song is so good, Cheryl has got the best voice ever."

Iman, 9, Manchester

"Man, I love this song! It's awesome."

Kirsty, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"Wow I love the song, it's brill, and I love Cheryl."

Bethany, 10, Middlesbrough, England

"This is an AMAZING song! I thought that nothing could beat Fight for This Love, but I was wrong! I never realised there were French words in it, because it is sooo modern and upbeat. Another brilliant song!"

Joanne, 11, Norwich, England

"I love this song! It is so catchy and I really like the French parts. Go Cheryl! 10/10!"

Shannon, 10, Northumberland, England

"This song is absolutely AMAZING!!"

Louise, 14, London, England

"Love the new song and love Cheryl too!"

Stacey, 14, London, England

"This song rocks, I want some more! Go the Geordies!"

Lauren, 9, Newcastle, England

"The song has a catchy tune and the dancing is amazing."

Chloe, 13, West Bromwich, England

"It's really catchy, I like it. But it's funny that it has a similar title to the Girls Aloud hit single The Promise."

Ellie, 11, Hampshire, England

"Cheryl's new song is great, I think it really suits her personality."

Mia, 13, Lancashire, England

"I like it, it's really catchy!! Cheryl Cole is my favourite singer and my hero!"

Rhiannon, 11, South Shields, England

"I think it's great."

Paul, 13, Liverpool, England

"I love this song, it's amazing! I've got it on my phone, iPod and mp3 player. She is the best artist in the world! Brilliant song."

Milly, 11, Greater Manchester, England

"Amazing! A sure number one! Can't wait for her album!"

Georgina, 14, Bedfordshire, England

"This song is BRILLIANT!! She has a lovely voice!! Her best song by far!"

Kathryn, 13, Inverness, Scotland

"100 out of 100! I LOVE Cheryl Cole and her music."

Maqdus, 10, Luton, England

"I love Cheryl's song Promise This. She is much better as a solo singer."

Hana, 11, London, England

"I think it is catchy, although the video is a bit boring."

Lydia, 14, Kent, England

"I love Cheryl Cole and this song!"

Sophie, 9, Cardiff, Wales

"I love this song, it's one of those ones that you can't get out of your head!"

Becky, 14, Derby, England

"The words are hard to catch onto but I don't care, I love it!!

Hannah, 12, Scotland

"This song is awful. It is heavily autotuned, makes no sense and she didn't even write it! Nadine Coyle all the way!"

Zara, 13, London, England

"The best song she has ever done!"

Abigail, 10, Glasgow, Scotland

"Best song yet!"

Chantal, 11, Essex, England

"Cheryl's new single is awesome!"

Hosanna, 10, Buckinghamshire, England

"Very good - already on my phone!"

Jazmine, 9, Norwich, England

"It is an OK song. It is quite hard to hear what she is saying. I dislike the video because I find it a bit boring. But I think it's good overall."

Lydia, 14, Kent, England

"Cheryl Cole sings Promise This beautifully."

Nihal, 11, London, England

"I love Cheryl and her new song!"

Millie, 10, Surrey, England

"I think the song is very strong and very upbeat. I bet there's more to come from our Cheryl!"

Georgia-Mae, 14, Doncaster, England

"It's awesome! It's so good I sing it every day."

Alys, 8, Dorset, England

"I think she's really good and has the best voice ever!"

Naizfa, 10, London, England

"Promise This is amazing, it has such a catchy tune and always gets me in a good mood. I love Cheryl!"

Brooke, 14, Maidstone, England

"I love it, I think it's really cool."

Alice, 8, West Sussex, England

"I love Cheryl Cole's style. Her new song is great! My friends sing it at school."

Emily, 10, Southampton, England

"It's the best in the world, fabulous!"

Simrandeep, 10, Nottingham, England

"This song is really good, but not as good as Fight for This Love."

Victoria, 12, Kent, England

"I think Cheryl Cole's single is absolutely fantabulous! She is so inspirational, not only can she sing perfectly in English she can now sing perfectly in French - wow! When she belts out that note at the end it is completely, absolutely, FANTASTICO!"

Olly, 10, Dudley, England

"I LOVE this track!!! If you haven't heard it yet you haven't lived! Another one about love, boys and breaking up, but honestly it stands out. Watch out Lady Gaga, there's another pop princess on the way for a Grammy or two!!"

Hannah, 9, Edinburgh, Scotland

"She is endlessly producing fantastic singles and albums! Got to credit her for it!"

Catrin, 12, Norfolk, England

"I think Cheryl Cole's song is good."

Danielle, 9, England

"I think it's great!"

Chloe, 10, Gwynedd, Wales

"It's cool."

Ella, 10, Sussex, England

"It's fantastic. Cheryl's new song is amazing and she sings every note in tune. I loved it and I found myself humming away to it which I liked!"

Katy, 10, Luton, England

"I think the new single is the best one yet and will be a hot seller in a few months time!"

Tallulah, 10, London, England

"I didn't like this song when I first heard it, but now I've listened to it a few times and think it's her best song yet! GO CHERYL!"

Beth, 12, Stoke-on-Trent, England

"It's a good song!"

Scarlett, 10, Gloucester, England

"This single is good, although and the video is definitely weird. It's a cool and catchy song and I really like it."

Kitty, 11, Bournemouth, England

"This is definitely one of my favourite songs at the moment. It's so catchy and different to any other song that's around!"

Nikki, 12, Birmingham, England

"I absolutely love her new song, I sing it all the time! I have it as my ring tone."

Emily, 11, Hartlepool, England

"I didn't like this song when I first heard it, but now I've listened to it a few times and I think it's her best song yet. GO CHERYL!"

Beth, 12, Stoke-On-Trent, England

"It's ok, but not her best!"

Jessica, 9, London, England

"I love it loads!! It really makes me want to dance! I love the French parts as well!"

Sofea, 11, Warwickshire, England

"I think this song is so addictive and is definitely her best so far!!"

Saffron, 12, London, England

"When I first heard the song I thought it would fail like Parachute, but now I LOVE it! Its so good!"

Zari, 11, Midlands, England

"Oh I love this song! It's my favourite song! It's going to be a massive hit! Cheryl Cole, that's 10/10 for you! Great!"

Gabbie, 6, London, England

"This is one of my favourite Cheryl songs! It's amazing!"

Katie, 10, Plymouth, England

"Cheryl is an amazing singer. I love her new song Promise This! It's brill!"

Kate, 8, Liverpool, England