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Last Updated: Thursday October 14 2010 15:39 GMT

Trapped Chile miners are all rescued safely

Leah looks back at the miners' first day of freedom

All the miners who were trapped underground in Chile for more than two months have now been rescued.

The rescue team celebrated with massive cheers, songs and applause as Luis Urzua, the last of the 33 men to reach the surface, was winched up.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera was waiting at the top of the rescue shaft as the capsule appeared.

After being reunited with their families, all the men spent the night in hospital for medical checks.

How the miners were rescued

The rescue team brought up one miner at a time using a special capsule called Phoenix. The journey up took about 15 minutes.

The men were trapped for 69 days in total. That's longer than any miners have survived underground before.


They became trapped after falling rock blocked a tunnel on 5 August, and rescuers almost gave up hope of finding them alive.

But 17 days later, the miners managed to attach a note to one of the drills to let them know they were all safe in a shelter.

The moment the team on the surface heard the news they were alive, they started drilling a shaft down to them, wide enough for the men to escape.

It took two months to reach the cave they were living in, and it took 22 hours to winch them all out.