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Last Updated: Wednesday October 13 2010 15:37 GMT

In pics: Baby zebra enjoys the sun!

Baby zebra poses for the camera

This little girl is only a few days old, but is already out and about in her paddock at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire.

Baby zebra and mum Sarah take a stroll.

With mum Sarah she's taking a relaxing stroll and enjoying the sunshine!

Baby zebra and mum Sarah relaxing in the sun.

They are Grevy zebras, a species that is endangered in the wild.

Mum Sarah strokes her baby zebra.

Looks like the baby zebra has got a bit tired after posing for the cameras! Not to worry as mum Sarah is there to sooth her to sleep!

Baby zebra taking a nap

Time for a well deserved nap!

Zebras at Whipsnade Zoo

And when she's awake again, she won't be short of pals to play with! This baby zebra who was born just a few days earlier to mum Sabina.