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Last Updated: Wednesday October 13 2010 05:16 GMT

Pictures: Teddies set to make a million pounds!

Leah is enjoying taking a look at the cute teddies!

Leah headed to Christie's, a famous auction house in London, to check out all the teddies on sale. The whole collection is likely to make over a million pounds - expensive teddies!

The most expensive teddy bear at the auction.

This red and blue teddy bear is from the 1920's and is the most expensive item in the sale - it's likely to raise between 50,000 and 80,000!

The most expensive teddy bear at the auction.

It's taking pride of place and being kept in a glass cabinet to keep it safe and sound!

Lots of cuddly toys with their yellow tags.

The original yellow tags have been kept on these toys. It means they'll sell for a higher price than if they didn't have them.

Teddies are being sold together.

This bunch of teddy pals don't want to be split up, so are being sold off together!

Toys displayed in glass cases before the auction takes place.

It's a huge collection - around 1,300 teddy bears and soft toys are on sale!

This policeman is likely to be sold for over a thousand pounds!

It's not just teddy bears that are being sold. This policeman is likely to sell for over a thousand pounds.

This teddy with its pink bow is set to raise between 15,000 and 20,000

Don't know why this teddy looks so sad - it's set to make between 15,000 and 20,000!

Leah's toy dog Buster

This fella isn't for sale - it's Ore's toy dog Buster! The auctioneers didn't think it's worth that much, but to Ore he's priceless!