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Last Updated: Tuesday October 12 2010 16:14 GMT

Old teddies and soft toys set to make a 1million!

Can Leah get any money for her cuddly toy dog, Buster?

A giant collection of teddy bears and soft toys are going to be sold, and they're set to make over a million pounds!

The huge stash of 1,300 toys were all made by a famous German toy company called Steiff.

One of the rarest items is a red and blue teddy bear from 1925. It was a one-off made by the toy company and could fetch up to £80,000!

The teddy and other toys are going to be auctioned in London this Wednesday.

Velvet elephant pincushion.
This elephant pincushion is one of the oldest items on sale at the auction.

As well as the bears, there are cuddly dogs, monkeys, lions and cats on sale.

One of the oldest items is this small velvet elephant pincushion.

It was made in around 1907 and is set to raise between £10,000 and £15,000.