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Last Updated: Tuesday October 12 2010 10:46 GMT

Snakes slither into Delhi Games athlete's village

Snake found at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi

Some of the snakes found were poisonous cobras!

Although some people haven't been too happy about the facilities at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi it looks like they're OK for reptiles!

Seven snakes have been found slithering around the sports venues and another six near the athlete's village.

The latest snake to be found is a Wolfe snake, discovered at the entrance to the accommodation used by competitors.

That one was not poisonous but it does have a sharp bite. Rescue team are now working hard to catch all the snakes.

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The snakes, which include some poisonous cobras, are being tracked down and taken to a wildlife rescue centre in Delhi.

They're then checked out before being returned to the wild - far away from the Commmonwealth Games site!