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Last Updated: Monday October 11 2010 18:25 GMT

In pics: Doctor Who Live opening night

Doctor Who Live - Matt Smith and Dalek

Doctor Who is going on tour! The stage version of the hit show is going around the country. Here are some snaps from the opening night at Wembley Arena in London.

Doctor Who Live - Matt Smith and a Cyberman

Matt Smith was there to watch the show. But there was no rest for the Doctor - even on the red carpet he still had to fight off Cybermen!

Doctor Who Live - Cyberman walks through audience

But he soon gets bored of the Doctor and heads off into the audience!

Doctor Who Live - more monsters walk through audience

The crowd get another treat - or should that be scare?! - when more alien characters come out...

Doctor Who Live - Vorgenson

Here's Vorgenson, a character developed specially for the tour. He is an "inter-galactic showman" who is the Doctor's biggest fan.

Doctor Who Live - Vorgenson

He has an invention called 'The Minimiser' which can make any Doctor Who character appear on stage, as part of his travelling show dedicated to his hero.

Doctor Who Live - Ood

So you can guarantee that loads of Doctor Who favourites will pop up in the show, including the very frightening Oods! Argh!