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Last Updated: Monday October 11 2010 16:07 GMT

Daniel Radcliffe to star in Simpsons Twilight spoof

Daniel Radcliffe will be the voice of vampire Edward Cullen in a Simpsons Twilight spoof

Daniel Radcliffe is taking over from Robert Pattinson in Twilight, but R-Patz fans don't worry, it's only for an episode of The Simpsons!

The Harry Potter actor is starring in a Simpsons spoof on Twilight, which will be called Tweenlight.

In the special episode, Lisa falls in love with a mysterious new student called Edmund, voiced by Daniel, who happens to be a vampire.

Simpsons producer Al Jean said: "Daniel was very excited to do The Simpsons."

Katy Perry and some of the Simpsons characters
Katy Perry will star in a special Christmas episode.

In Tweenlight, Edmund and Lisa's romance blossoms and they leave Springfield for Dracula-la Land - leaving Homer to come to their rescue.

Katy Perry guest stars too

Daniel Radcliffe isn't the only upcoming celeb guest star - last month it was revealed that Katy Perry would appear in a Christmas episode of the cartoon series.

The American singer won't be animated though - she'll feature in a live action scene with puppets!