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Last Updated: Friday October 08 2010 12:14 GMT

Rare Roman helmet sold for 2.3million

Roman helmet

A rare Roman helmet which found buried in a muddy field in has been sold for a massive £2.3 million.

It was found in May by a treasure hunter who was out searching with a metal detector in Cumbria, England.

It is one of only three ever found in the UK and was snapped up by a mystery phone bidder at an auction in London.

It's hoped the helmet will still stay in the UK, but some people are disappointed because they wanted it to be bought by a local museum.

Roman helmet
The helmet was in amazingly good condition.

A museum near where the ancient relic was found wanted to buy it, but couldn't match the price of the mystery bidder.

Secret identity

The treasure hunter who found it didn't want a big fuss, and hasn't revealed their identity to the newspapers.

Experts reckon that the mask would have been worn with colourful streamers attached at Roman sporting events over 2000 years ago!