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Last Updated: Thursday October 07 2010 10:33 GMT

X Factor's Gamu Nhengu may be forced to leave UK

X Factor contestant Gamu Nhengu

X Factor reject Gamu Nhengu had been a favourite to win the show, but after missing out on the live finals she's also been told she must leave the UK.

Gamu is originally from Zimbabwe, in Africa, and has been living with her family in Scotland for eight years.

But her mum's visa to study in the UK ran out in August and she hasn't been allowed to renew it. That means her family, including Gamu, must leave.

If they don't go voluntarily, they could be forced back to Zimbabwe.

Gamu supporters
Gamu fans show their support

Since Cheryl Cole failed to pick Gamu for the live finals, more than 200,000 people have joined an online campaign to get her back on the show.

On Wednesday, more than 100 people also gathered outside Gamu's home to show their support for the singer.

Lawyers working for Gamu and her family say they are fighting to get permission to keep them living here.