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Last Updated: Wednesday October 06 2010 13:09 GMT

Purple potatoes hit shop shelves

Purple potatoes

What colour would you associate with potatoes? White? Maybe slightly yellow? Well how about purple?

Growers in Scotland have developed a type of purple potato that's said to be healthier than traditional varieties.

It's called the Purple Majesty and was developed at Colorado State University from a traditional type of potato.

The first Scottish crop of 400 tonnes of the purple potato is due to hit shop shelves across Scotland and the south-east of England this week.

There are thousands of varieties of potatoes, which originate from the Andes in South America, with many having developed deep red and purple colouring.

Researchers reckon the Purple Majesty has 10 times the level of something called antioxidants in it than white potatoes.

Some studies have found that antioxidants can be good for your blood vessels, but other studies have found little evidence to back up those claims.