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Last Updated: Wednesday October 06 2010 14:08 GMT

Interactive quiz: X Factor Quiz

Newsround's X Factor Quiz

Think you're the biggest X Factor fan? Then check out our new quiz!

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1.) Question 1

Who won X Factor in 2009?

2009 X Factor winner
  1. Joe McElderry
  2. Alexandra Burke
  3. Olly Murs

2.) Question 2

In which city did Pixie Lott join the audition tour as a guest judge?

Pixie Lott
  1. Dublin
  2. Cardiff
  3. Birmingham

3.) Question 3

Which former Blue Peter presenter hosts The Xtra Factor?

Konnie Huq, Gethin Jones and Zoe Salmon
  1. Gethin Jones
  2. Zoe Salmon
  3. Konnie Huq

4.) Question 4

Which judge had a baby in 2010?

X Factor judges Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell
  1. Simon Cowell
  2. Dannii Minogue
  3. Cheryl Cole

5.) Question 5

Which of these three girls was not chosen by Cheryl to be one of her finalists?

X Factor girl finalists
  1. Gamu Nhengu
  2. Cher Lloyd
  3. Rebecca Ferguson


  1. Joe McElderry was the champ of X Factor in 2009!
  2. Guest judge Pixie Lott joined the audition tour whilst they were in Cardiff.
  3. Konnie Huq used to present Blue Peter, but in 2010 she started a new job hosting The Xtra Factor.
  4. Dannii Minogue had a baby boy in 2010 called Ethan.
  5. Gamu Nhengu wasn't chosen by judge Cheryl to be one of her three finalists.

Your Score

0 - 1 : Better luck next time!

2 - 3 : Well done!

4 - 5 : You're a true fan!


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