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Last Updated: Tuesday October 05 2010 12:53 GMT

Cow is rescued after falling down a well!

Cow is rescued after falling down a well!

A cow has been lifted to safety after toppling down a three-metre well!

The one-year-old fell through the cover of the well at a farm in Wiltshire, but luckily the water softened her fall and she stayed upright.

The well had to be drained by fire crews before a vet could reach the troubled animal and calm her down enough to strap her up for her rescue.

She emerged from her ordeal covered in mud, but amazingly, apart from a few cuts and bruises, she wasn't injured.

Cow at bottom of well before being rescued by the fire service
It was a team effort rescuing the frightened cow from the well.

The rescue was pretty tricky, because fire crews had such a small space to work in and the cow was pretty frightened.

Fire crew manager Adam Martin said: "The crews worked brilliantly with the farmer and vet to achieve a really good outcome."