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Last Updated: Monday October 04 2010 13:21 GMT

UK pupils taught maths by teachers online in India

Meet the children learning lessons online

Getting the teacher's attention in class isn't always easy, but how would you feel if they were 4,000 miles away!

Kids at a school in North London have been finding out by having online maths lessons with teachers who are logging on in India.

But there's no dodging questions at the back of the class as each pupil gets a one-on-one lesson with their own tutor.

The school says it's an affordable way for kids to get individual attention, but not all teachers agree.

Pupils interact with their online teachers through the computer - a bit like working on an interactive white board.

So far, it's been a big success with the pupils.

Lots of the pupils say it's fun because they're using computers and not doing it in books. And having individual tutors means you have to pay attention!

Rosa, 10, likes it because "you're talking to someone from somewhere else".

Bedran, 10, added: "They taught me a lot of maths, I learnt good stuff. I know my maths better now."