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Last Updated: Friday October 15 2010 18:34 GMT

Sonali's Commonwealth Games diary: Part 2

Sonali's Delhi Diary


I'm off to Delhi, reporting for Newsround at the Commonwealth Games. I'll be sending messages and film clips as I go along - and you'll find them here.

Thursday, Delhi, 10pm

The sport is over, the handover to Glasgow is over and the closing party is almost over - but the crowd here in the Nehru Stadium is still roaring.

The Delhi Games may not have started in the smoothest way, but I think they've been a big success. It's been an unforgettable experience for all the athletes I've spoken to - and for all the right reasons.

As for me, I think my Indian adventure has been far too short. It's my first time in Delhi and the first time I've seen a Commonwealth Games up close - and I've totally loved every minute of it.

Thursday, Delhi, 9.30pm

The award for the best dancing of the night goes to Scottish swimmer David Carry. Looking good, David!

Scottish swimmer David Carry shows off his dancing

Thursday, Delhi, 9.15pm

Northern Ireland's golden boys of boxing came over to show off their medals - Eamonn O'Kane, silver medallist Tommy McCarthy, Paddy Gallagher and Paddy Barnes. They were a bit black and blue but definitely in the mood to celebrate their success!

Sonali with boxers from Northern Ireland

Thursday, Delhi, 9pm

Good to see so many athletes staying in Delhi for the closing ceremony. I spotted some of England's hockey girls enjoying the party with their teammates.

Some of the English athletes

Thursday, Delhi, 8.45pm

Jonathan and Craig were picked as the hero pipers for the handover ceremony. They came over for a chat after playing in front of 60,000 people.

Sonali with pipers Jonathan and Craig

Thursday, Delhi, 8.30pm

It's time for Glasgow's part of the ceremony. Check out how this lot are using leafblowers to inflate the 'Armadillo', which is going to host the weightlifting at the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Sonali with the guys using leafblowers to inflate the 'Armadillo'

Thursday, Delhi, 7.15pm

I'm so close the action, I want to try and be part of the performance - except no one told me about the white dress code!

Sonali tries to be a part of the closing ceremony performance!

Thursday, Delhi, 6.30pm

About to go live on air. My first task is to say hi to Jake in the London studio and interview Tinku, who lives in Delhi, about how the games have gone.

Sonali with Tinku, who lives in Delhi.

Thursday, Delhi, 5.30pm

It's closing ceremony day and, once again, I've got one of the best seats in the house - on the stadium floor. But this time Matt the floor manager is going to help me grab a chat with as many athletes as possible.

Sonali with floor manager Matt at the closing ceremony

Monday, Agra, 12.30pm

Sonali visits the Taj Mahal

Sonali finds out more about India's Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal really is the most beautiful building in the planet - I can't get over how spectacular it is.

Sonali jumps for joy at the Taj Mahal

Wish you were all here xx

Monday, Agra, 11.30am

Sonali off to the Taj Mahal on this battery-operated vehicle.

Pollution can ruin the marble that the Taj Mahal is made out of so cars aren't allowed within 1.5miles of the site - instead, we were taken there on these battery-operated vehicles.

Monday, Delhi, 9am

Sonali and Keri-Anne Payne.

I bumped into swimmer Keri-Anne Payne and her crew on the train. They're all looking forward to relaxing and seeing one of the seven wonders of the world.

Monday, Delhi, 7am

Sonali enjoying a bit of breakfast on the train!

Sonali and her breakfast rose.

The easiest way of getting there is by train.

For breakfast we were served cornflakes and chocolate...

..and it came with a rose!

I just had to take a snap!

Monday, Delhi, 6am

Sonali off to the Taj Mahal.

It's a rare day away from sporting action today.

I'm off to visit the Taj Mahal, in Agra. It's one of the seven wonders of the world!

I'm heading there with loads of athletes who've finished competing at the Commonwealth Games.

Saturday, Delhi, 3.30pm

Sonali in front of the Qutub Minar - the tallest free-standing brick tower in the world

This is Qutub Minar - at over 72m, it's the tallest free-standing brick tower in the world.

Saturday, Delhi, 1.30pm

Sonali at Chandni Chowk in Delhi - one of India's oldest and busiest markets

Finally got to see Chandni Chowk - one of India's oldest and busiest markets - it's crazy!

Saturday, Delhi, 12.30pm

Sonali at Red Fort, in Delhi, India

Filming around Delhi means I can sneak in a bit of sightseeing too.

Here I am at Red Fort, which stretches for 1.5miles.

Friday, Delhi, 8pm

British gymnast Imogen Cairns and Sonali, at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India

Imogen Cairns has just won her 2nd gold of the Games too.

She told me the past week has been beyond her wildest dreams.

It looks like Imogen isn't going to retire after all!

Friday, Delhi, 7pm

Sonali with British gymnast Luke Folwell and his silver medal at the Commonwealth Games, in Delhi, India

It's been a stunning week for England's gymnasts.

Just had a chat with Luke Folwell after he won his 2nd gold and 3rd silver of the Games. He couldn't stop grinning.

Friday, Delhi, 1.30pm

Shoaib Malik in the stands watching tennis at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India

I went to watch one of India's biggest sporting stars - Sania Mirza - play her tennis semi-final today and spotted her equally famous husband - Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik in the stands cheering her on.

That's him the sitting next to the camera.

Thursday, Delhi, 7pm

Sonai and Keri-Anne Payne

Look who I ran into down at the pool today!

Steve Parry

It's Olympic and world champion swimmer Keri-Anne Payne and Olympic bronze-medal winner Steve Parry, who's part of the BBC's swimming commentary team - that's Steve tweeting about me and Keri-Anne.

Thursday, Delhi, 11.50am

Tom Daley and Sonali in Delhi

Tom Daley flew into India yesterday - it's his first time here. He's not competing until next week so he's got a few days of training ahead.

And if you thought being at such a big event would mean he didn't have to do his homework - think again. He hit the books for two hours this morning.

Thursday, Delhi, 11.45am

Some of Pakistan's hocky team playing table football with England hockey stars Ashleigh Ball and Sally Walton

Some of Pakistan's hockey boys have just challenged Ashleigh and teammate Sally Walton to a table football match - shame I can't stay to watch who won but I have to rush off to meet Tom Daley.

Thursday, Delhi, 11.40am

Sonali with England hockey player Ashleigh Ball

I've just bumped into England hockey player Ashleigh Ball in the games room at the athletes village.

The last time we met was two weeks ago while she and her team were training for Delhi in a heat chamber. Great to see her a lot more chilled this time!

Wednesday, Delhi, 5pm

Zoe Smith with her bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India

I've just seen Zoe Smith win a bronze medal, making her the first English female to win a weightlifting medal in the Commonwealth Games.

She was in total shock when I spoke to her after the medal ceremony - but couldn't stop grinning. Well done Zoe!

Wednesday, Delhi, 10am

Sniffer dog checks out Sonali's bag

Just had a sniffer dog nosing around my bag at the IBC...

It's almost as if he knew I had snuck a pain au chocolat in there from the breakfast buffet, to have as a mid-morning snack!

Tuesday, Delhi, 2pm

Champion weightlifter Zoe Smith and Sonali

Sonali meets champion teen weightlifter

The reason we were anywhere near the athletes village in the first place is because we were filming a chat with weightlifter Zoe Smith.

She's competing for England tomorrow. She's a great girl and as you'd expect, very strong.

But I wasn't expecting her to say she could easily lift more than two of me!

Tuesday, Delhi, 1pm

The injured hand

Attention Newsround fans Alice and Lewis... Your dad Shaun is okay.

He had to have two injections as a precaution though - one for rabies and the other for tetanus. He says the rabies one hurt!

Tuesday, Delhi, 12.30pm

Langur on a bike

I finally saw one of those langur monkeys that have been chasing away smaller monkeys at venues here in Delhi.

It was sitting on this bike outside the Games village. Cameraman Shaun and I had to walk past it to get in and guess what? It tried to snatch Shaun's mobile phone out of his hand and ended up scratching him!

Shaun was swiftly taken to the hospital in the athletes village...what a drama!

Monday, Delhi, 5.30pm

Dani, who won gold at the Paralympics in Beijing, finished 14th in the individual and 2nd in the team event.

Before heading back to the athletes village, she told me how excited she is to be here.

Monday, Delhi, 3.30pm

Sonali Shah and Danielle Brown

I'm about to see my very first bit of sporting action at Delhi 2010 - the archery qualification.

I'm here to see Danielle Brown make history by becoming the first Paralympian to compete for England at an able-bodied event at the Commonwealth Games.

The venue's almost empty - a real shame for the archers competing - I'm hoping there'll be more spectators over the next few days!

The empty stands at the archery

Sunday, Delhi, 10pm

Sonali on TV

This is me recording some bits for Newsround.

I thought the opening ceremony was the best live show I've ever seen - amazing!

Sonali at the opening of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India

Sonali reporting from inside the opening ceremony!

Sunday, Delhi, 9.15pm

The yoga students

These are the yoga students walking to their positions.

If only I'd worn a gold suit for the occasion- I could have snuck on stage with them!

Sunday, Delhi, 8.30pm

Sonali with Haroon Khan

I managed to speak to quite a few athletes as they paraded past me.

Here's Haroon Khan - boxer Amir Khan's younger brother. He's boxing for Pakistan at the Games.

Sunday, Delhi, 6pm

Sonali at the stadium

Check out how close I'm going to be for all the action!

Sunday, Delhi, 5.30pm

Sonali and Chris

We're going live on BBC One in an hour, so it's time for cameraman Chris to test out our equipment.

I'm very nervous about being interviewed by the brilliant Sue Barker.

Sunday, Delhi, 5pm

Dave - the TMI camerman

Just bumped into Dave the TMi cameraman, who is going to be filming the show from the main stage.

Sunday, Delhi, 3pm

Waiting to get in

It's the big day - Delhi is hoping to dazzle the world with a spectacular opening ceremony tonight.

My job is to report from the stadium floor while Huw Edwards and the rest of the team talk about the show - but getting there was chaos - that's why I don't look very impressed in this photo!

Saturday, Delhi, 1.30pm

Hamayun's Tomb

This is one of Delhi's most popular tourist attractions. It's called Humayun's Tomb and it inspired the building of the mighty Taj Mahal.

Saturday, Delhi, 12.30pm

Sonali and Sarah

It's sweltering hot today - not good when I can't look too sweaty on camera! This is me and Sarah (my producer) cooling down in our bus in between takes.

Saturday, Delhi, 11.30am

Sonali next to a poster of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan

Despite him being Bollywood's biggest star, it took us ages to find a poster of Shah Rukh Khan in Delhi - and when we did, it was on the outside of a public toilet!

Saturday, Delhi, 9.30am

Sonali outside the Indian Parliament

This is us filming near the Parliament building - that's me in the pink top on the other side of the water.

Saturday, Delhi, 8.30am

Sonali outside bus

Got a full day of filming all over Delhi ahead. This is the bus we'll be travelling in.

Friday, Delhi, 6.30 PM

I'm about to watch the dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony - very excited to get a preview before the rest of the world!

But I wasn't allowed to bring a camera into the stadium, so you'll have to wait until Sunday for some photos!

Friday, UK, 5pm

A monkey sits on the street outside the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium ahead of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games

Sonali checks out the monkeys who are on guard at the Games

Friday, Delhi, 11.30AM

Sonali and Steve Cram

I interviewed champion runner Steve Cram about the home nations medal chances.

Here we are on the practise track outside the main Jawaharlal Nehru stadium.

Friday, Delhi, 10.00AM

Sonali and Karen Pickering

I met super swimmer Karen Pickering today - I was hoping to run into her while she's working for the BBC in Delhi too. She's won 13 Commonwealth medals - including 4 Golds!

Thursday, Delhi, 1.00PM

Sonali with Matt Pinsent

Spent the morning filming with Olympic rowing champ Matt Pinsent around Delhi - at India Gate and Lodhi Gardens.

Must remember to keep my eyes open while filming though!

We're making a Commonwealth preview show that you can see on Saturday at 1.30pm on BBC One. Don't miss it!

Wednesday, Delhi, 5.00PM

Sonali at Delhi media centre

The media centre which is our base in Delhi is part of a massive complex so they have a hop on hop off open side bus that you can use to get around quicker - but just look how packed they get!