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Last Updated: Friday October 01 2010 12:38 GMT

JLS sing official Children in Need single Love You More

Ore gets a JLS exclusive... Kind of!

JLS have given their fans another reason to love them - the boys are doing their bit for charity by singing this year's Children in Need single!

It's called Love You More and they've slowed things down for their first ballad release - out 14 November.

Marvin told Newsround that doing the song was incredible: "It's a huge honour for us to be a part of such a fantastic charity."

Money raised from the single will go towards helping kids around the UK.

The X Factor

The former X Factor runners-up, who've had three number one singles, praised how Simon Cowell's show had "transformed their lives" and said they'd all been watching this year's series.

JB revealed: "I've actually got a friend who's in one of the groups, FYD. His name's Jordan. So I'm obviously wishing them well."

Not to be outdone, Oritse said: "My friend is in the over-28s, John Adeleye. Hopefully he gets through next week."

Marvin is a fan of Cher Lloyd: "I think she's still got a lot to show."

JLS quiz

New album

The band's new album is called Outta This World and is out 22 November - the same week as the reunited Take That's one.

The boys admitted it wasn't the wisest decision! But JB said: "Obviously we're very proud of this album. Take That are definitely some of our idols and we're very proud to be associated with them."

Oritise said they'd be "very, very, very happy" if they beat Take That to number one.

And Aston thanked their fans: "We've got the most dedicated fans in the world. Rain or shine, they're outside waiting for us.

"We always stop for them and tell them how things are going. It's just like one big happy family."