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Last Updated: Wednesday September 29 2010 15:41 GMT

Pink cat owner WILL get her back

Pink cat rescued by RSPCA

Cat dyed pink with food colouring

The woman who dyed her cat's fur pink to match her own hair has been told she WILL be allowed to have her pet back.

But not before RSPCA inspectors have spoken to her about the dangers of what she did and why you shouldn't dye pets.

Natasha Gregory dyed her white cat, called Oi! Kitty, with food colouring because she loves the colour pink.

The RSPCA had been trying to trace Natasha after Oi! Kitty was found in a garden this month. She has been washed, but the colour's only slightly faded.

Natasha says she loves Oi! Kitty and made sure the dye wouldn't harm her before she coloured her fur.

But vet Penny Gillespie, who's been looking after the cat, said dyeing your pets can be dangerous because they could be poisoned by whatever is being used to dye them.