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Last Updated: Monday September 27 2010 15:43 GMT

Dad finds dead mouse in bread as he makes kids' sarnies

Mouse found dead in sandwich loaf

It's the stuff of nightmares - you open the bread bag to make some sandwiches, only to find a dead mouse squidged in the end of some slices - eurgh!

That's what happened to a dad in Oxfordshire when he was making lunch for his kids and some of their friends.

To make matters worse, some slices of the bread had been used before the grim discovery. Oh, and did we mention the mouse's tail was missing?

The company that made the bread has been fined £16,821.24 for the mistake.

Premier Foods pleaded guilty at Oxford Crown Court, to not maintaining acceptable standards at its bakery in Ellis Road, London.

The man who found the mouse said: "I noticed a dark-coloured object embedded in the corner of three or four slices.

"Initially I thought it was where the dough had not mixed properly prior to baking. As I looked closer I saw that the object had fur on it!"