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Last Updated: Friday September 24 2010 16:18 GMT

Cat dyed pink and thrown into back garden

Pink the cat

The search is on for the owner of a cat who was dyed pink and chucked into someone's back garden in Swindon, south-west England.

She was rescued by the RSPCA, who have tried to wash the naturally white cat - but they can't remove the dye.

They've decided to call the young puss Pink. Vets say she was in good health when she was found.

Rescue staff are trying to work out if Pink's a stray or abandoned, or even someone's missing pet.

Cat dyed pink with food colouring

From the fur pattern on Pink's neck, it looks like she's been wearing a collar recently.

Pink has been dyed all over, except for around her eyes and nose.

The vet caring for Pink, Penny Gillespie, says the dye isn't toxic and that the pink fur will grow out over time.