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Last Updated: Friday September 24 2010 18:30 GMT

In pics: Baby coati learns how to climb a tree

Baby coati learning how to climb a tree

Elikai is an orphaned coati who hasn't yet leant how to climb trees, so humans are teaching her!

Baby coati

A coati is a member of the raccoon family from Central and South America. When Elikai was three weeks old she was brought to Tropical Inc, an animal shelter in Birmingham.

Baby coati learning how to climb a tree

But at 20 weeks old she was still terrified of climbing trees, so experts came in to teach her.

Baby coati learning how to climb a tree

With safety harnesses and a helping hand, Elikai is beginning to overcome her fears.

Experts helping the baby coati climb a tree

With a bit of practice she'll soon get the hang of it!

Baby coati

It's then hoped she will go to live in a man-made tropical rainforest in Germany. As Elikai was reared by humans, it's the nearest she can get to living in the wild.