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Last Updated: Friday September 24 2010 06:19 GMT

English athletes touch-down in Delhi

The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the main venue for the Commonwealth Games, in New Delhi

English athletes have arrived in Delhi for the Commonwealth Games. They are going to be staying at a hotel until the athletes' village is ready.

The Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland teams have confirmed they will also take part, but have delayed their flights to the Indian capital.

However, many athletes worried about dirty accommodation and poor security have pulled out of the Games.

Despite the problems, India insists everything will be ready on time.

With just nine days to go before the start of the Games, a close eye is being kept on the building progress of the venues.

Mike Fennell, the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, says "considerable improvements" had been made to conditions in the athletes' village.

The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, has taken charge of the clear-up and employed people from luxury hotels in India to put things right.

Pulling out

But this hasn't stopped some athletes pulling out of the Games.

Triple jumper Phillips Idowu pulled out on Tuesday because he is so worried about his safety.

Many athletes from other teams - including Australian world discus champion Dani Samuels have also decided not to make the trip to India.

Ceiling collapsed

This week, the Games were hit by lots of problems.

On Tuesday, footbridge near the main stadium collapsed, hurting at least 23.

A day later, several tiles in the weightlifting arena fell down, creating more problems for builders there and sparking more safety fears.

An Indian government official insisted the venue structure was "safe and sound" and that the tiles fell down during maintenance work.