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Last Updated: Friday September 24 2010 09:19 GMT

Hotseat: Ironik answers our questions


After two hit singles and a top three album, Ironik now has his sights set on America.

The rapper and music producer is back with a new track called Falling in Love featuring 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes.

He's also got a live band and about to head out on a UK tour.

Read on to see what Ironik had to say when he chatted to Newsround.

Hi Ironik, how did you hook up with 90210's Jessica on your new track?

It just so happened she was recording in the same studio as me. At first I had my doubts as I didn't want a celebrity on the album just for the sake of it. But it turned out she was an amazing singer and we just clicked straight away. I really like that B.o.B. track Airplanes with Hayley Williams and that was the sort of vibe I was going for.

And how's the new album sounding?

I love the UK and UK music but I decided it was time for me to move on and get a more international sound. I'm hoping that will help the album do well in the UK, America and all round the world!

Is it true you've remixed Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber

Justin's music team asked me to do a remix and it sounds amazing. I'm not sure if Justin has heard it yet though. It's crazy because he's such a massive star. All the kids love him- even my sister has Bieber-Fever!

You started out when you were really young. What advice would you give to kids wanting to get into music?

Do it for the love of it, not because you want to be famous. And don't let anyone tell you what to do. I never thought I was going to be famous, I just did it for the love of music.

How did you come up with the name Ironik?

I know Tinie Tempah got his name looking through a thesaurus and I'm a bit the same- I looked in a dictionary! Everyone at school had cool names, so I opened the dictionary and came up with Ironic, but changed it to Ironik to make it more interesting!

If you had to compete in London 2012, what would you do?

Probably running. Usain Bolt lost a race recently so I reckon I could take him at the 100m!

It's a great time for UK music with Tinie, Tinchy and Chipmunk all topping the charts...

It's great. They are all my friends and used to come round and record in my bedroom! Now it's brilliant to see them playing all these massive gigs.

The X Factor's back on TV. What do you think of talent shows?

They are bad for me because they are always at number one, and it's harder to top the charts! But they are good because they give a chance to some people who deserve success. I don't really watch it until it gets exciting nearer the final. I'm glad I got to where I am my way not through a karaoke competition!!

Good luck with the new album! and thanks for chatting to Newsround, Ironik!


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