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Last Updated: Wednesday September 22 2010 18:34 GMT

'Lost' frog species rediscovered

Omaniundu Reed Frog and Mount Nimba Reed Frog (AFP/Conservation International/Joe Keilgast/N'goran Germain Kouame)

Two species of African frog and a Mexican salamander feared extinct by scientists have been rediscovered.

They're the first results from a massive global search for rare amphibians that haven't been seen by scientists for decades.

The bright green Omaniundu Reed Frog has been spotted in the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa.

The small brown Mount Nimba Reed Frog's been seen for the first time in over 40 years in Ivory Coast in west Africa.

Cave Splayfoot Salamander (AFP/Conservation International/Sean Rovito)
The Cave Splayfoot Salamander was last seen in 1941!

The third species, the pink-footed Cave Splayfoot Salamander, was found in an underground cave in Mexico, Central America.

Conservationist Dr Robin Moore said finding the animals may prove to be important for humans because they could help with new medicines.

But he added that these three species are the lucky ones: "Many other species we have been looking for have probably gone for good."