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Last Updated: Wednesday September 22 2010 05:19 GMT

In pics: Surfer dogs hit the waves in California!

Surfer dogs hit the waves in California

Water loving dogs have been catching some waves at Huntington Beach in California, America, as part of the Surf City Surf Dog competition.

Surf dog riding the waves - with rubber ducks!

It's the second time the event has happened and it isn't just for fun - the competition raised money for animal charities too.

Deagan the dog is getting ready to head into the water.

Here's Surfer dog Deagan getting ready to head into the water...

Dog Deagan surfing with style

...and he sure knows how to ride the waves with style!

It's time for a surfer dog Deagan to have a rest

After the fun it was time for Deagan to have a rest and let the water drip off.

Surf dog prepares to ride a wave

The dogs taking part are judged on things like how the big the wave is, how long they ride the wave for and their confidence on the wave.

Surf dog Hollywood does a cutback

Extra points are gained for the dog's position on the surfboard - staying on all fours gets the most points!

Surfer dog gets wiped out

There are also prizes for the best trick, best wipeout and best crowd pleaser.

Surf dog is wiped out by a wave

All dogs have to wear a life vest during the competition to make sure they're safe in the water.

Dogs and owners surfing together

Owners can get in the water and help their dogs, who compete in four different categories based on their weight - from small to extra-large.

Abbie and Cali here seem to be professionals at the sport.

Here's Australian Kelpie cross Abbie overtaking Callie to take home first prize in the medium dogs category. Well done, Abbie!