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Last Updated: Monday October 04 2010 07:45 GMT

Sonali's Commonwealth Games diary: Part 1

Sonali's Delhi Diary


I'm off to Delhi, reporting for Newsround at the Commonwealth Games. I'll be sending messages and film clips as I go along - and you'll find them here.

Tuesday, Delhi, 5.00PM

Sonali in Delhi, where she's reporting on the Commonwealth Games

Sonali finds out what's being done to keep everybody safe at the Games


Tuesday, Delhi, 5.00PM

I went filming at India Gate today - one of the best sights in Delhi.

Also out filming were BBC Scotland presenters John Beattie and Katie Still. Did you know John used to play rugby for Scotland?

Sonali with BBC Scotland presenters John Beattie and Katie Still

His family is ultra sporty too - his son Johnnie is a Scotland star and his daughter Jenny plays football for Arsenal ladies!

When I was filming with cameraman Alan, we drew quite a crowd - he tells me his sons Tom and Dan are Newsround fans!

Sonali and cameraman Alan drew quite a crowd of spectators when they were filming

Monday, Delhi, 5.00PM

Sonali in Delhi, India, reporting on the Commonwealth Games

Sonali fills us in on how much work still needs to be done before the Commonwealth Games start

Monday, Delhi, 2.00PM

It's a good job my mum gave me some snacks to bring with me to India because another thing that isn't ready yet is catering at the IBC. Let's hope some Yorkshire-style chips will be available to buy soon!

Sonali in Delhi


Monday, Delhi, 1.40PM

One of the people I'll be filming with out and about in Delhi is Matthew Pinsent.

Not just any Matthew Pinsent, but quadruple-Olympic-medal-winning-rowing-champion Matthew Pinsent. The big man reckons I'm really a newpaper stand!

Sonali's new job?


Sunday, Delhi, 4.10PM

I've just done the very first TV broadcast from the BBC office at the IBC.

It was for The Politics Show Scotland - they wanted me to update them on Team Scotland arriving in India. Here are my behind the scenes photos - not very glamorous eh?

Sonali does her first TV broadcast from the BBC office at the International Broadcast Centre

Sonali does her first TV broadcast from the BBC office at the International Broadcast Centre


Sunday, Delhi, 2.30PM

This is the official mascot for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, Shera the Royal Bengal Tiger.

The real ones may be rare, but this not-so-fearsome character can be spotted all over Delhi!

Sonali with the Commonwealth Games mascot, Shera the Royal Bengal Tiger


Sunday, Delhi, 1PM

As the first batch of athletes from Team Scotland landed today, I thought I'd go and check out the Games village, where they'll be staying.

We weren't allowed to go and see their rooms today, but the squad tell me that they're much happier now they've been cleaned up!

Can you tell which home nation team is staying in the block behind me?

Sonali at the Games village


Saturday, Delhi, 9AM

I went to check out the IBC today - that's the International Broadcast Centre.

It's where the world's media organisations are based for the Games. The BBC office is at the end of this very long walkway!

Sonali at the International Broadcast Centre


Friday, Delhi, 4.30PM

I'm in India! The 7.5 hour flight from London to Delhi went very quickly, but I got so engrossed in watching movies (as I always do!) that I didn't sleep a wink.

Sonali wearing the garland she was given at the airport

So I had a long nap as soon as I got to the hotel.

Check out the garland we were welcomed with at the airport! Going to spend the rest of the day swotting up on my Commonwealth sports.

I've just heard that some of the England squad have arrived too, but they're staying at a hotel because their accommodation at the athletes' village isn't ready yet.


Wednesday, UK, 7PM

I'm flying to Delhi tomorrow! With all the trouble about stadiums and rooms not being ready, I've been dreading a phone call from BBC Sport all day saying, "Sonali, Delhi is off". But so far, so good.

It's been two years since I went to Beijing for the Olympics so I'm hungry for another major games - let's hope India can sort things out in time. This week, I went to see how the England women's hockey team's Commonwealth preps were going - and there was no hockey stick in sight.

Sonali checking out the England women's hockey team's preparations for the Commonwealth Games

They were working out in a heat chamber that was set at 30C and 85% humidity - to give them a taste of the weather to expect in Delhi. You can catch the action on this week's Sportsround - Saturday at 7:45am on the CBBC Channel or Sunday at 7:25am on CBBC on BBC Two.


Tuesday, UK, 5PM

I haven't flown out to Delhi yet, but Newsround has started its Commonwealth Games coverage, with a story about some problems at the games.

Building work in Delhi, India, host of the Commonwealth Games

Is Delhi ready for the Games?