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Last Updated: Tuesday September 21 2010 08:31 GMT

Dinosaur delivered by helicopter

Children with signs

It's not every day that a dinosaur is delivered to your school, and these guys look pretty excited!

Headless dinosaur

Some of the dinosaur is at the school already - but there's something missing....


Hang on - here it is! The dinosaur was so big they had to cut the head off and transport it by helicopter.

Dinosaur head

The dinosaur had to travel 22 miles from a local dinosaur park. the park was giving the dino away to make room for a new model.

Children and dinosar

It can be quite scary being on TV, but these guys make it look easy!

Dinosaur head

The dino - nicknamed Bronti - weighs a massive two tonnes and is nine metres from nose to tail.

Dinosaur head

They needed a crane to lever the neck into position.


And here's the finished product! He'll be keeping watch of the school's nature walk.