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Last Updated: Tuesday September 21 2010 12:04 GMT

In pics: Hurricane Igor in Bermuda

Waves crash against buildings as Hurricane Igor hits Bermuda

Hurricane Igor has been causing huge winds and fierce waves through Bermuda, which is an island near to America.

Waves crash against buildings as Hurricane Igor hits Bermuda

The hurricane has caused flooding and power cuts to thousands of homes.

Fierce winds in Bermuda caused by Hurricane Igor

But Hurricane Igor did not directly hit Bermuda, instead it swept past it. This meant the island didn't suffer as badly as it could have done from the full impact of a hurricane.

Motorbike rider having difficulty because of Hurricane Igor in Bermuda

Lots of roads were covered in water and couldn't be used. This guys had to suffer the waves as he wheeled his bike away.

People running away from huge waves caused by Hurricane Igor in Bermuda

Huge waves crashed against the coastline, but Hurricane Igor is now heading north away from Bermuda and towards Canada.

This boy is enjoying Hurricane Igor in Bermuda

Despite the havoc, some people managed to enjoy the extreme weather and take a dip in the water covered roads!