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Last Updated: Friday September 17 2010 14:18 GMT

What is the Popemobile?

The Pope in his Popemobile in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Popemobile is the nickname given to the high-security vehicle the Pope travels in to meet well-wishers during official visits.

It's been specially designed to keep the Pope safe, with armour-plating on most of the vehicle and bullet-proof glass.

There's room for the Pope to stand or sit in the back, and his seat's raised so as many people as possible can see him.

There are also seats for two of his aides.

Number plates

And next time you see the Popemobile on TV, check out the number plate... It usually starts SCV, which stands for State of Vatican City.

Pope Benedict has two Popemobiles for his state visit to the UK - one in London and one in Glasgow.

But did you know the Pope before him - Pope John Paul II - hated the Popemobile nickname.

He asked the media to stop using it as he didn't think it was very dignified, but the Popemobile has since become an icon of all papal visits.

A graphic showing the features of the popemobile

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