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Last Updated: Thursday September 16 2010 14:19 GMT

In pics: World record breakers

World's smallest dog

The new book of Guinness World Records is out, and this cute Chihuahua is celebrating making it in. Boo Boo is the smallest living dog in the world, measuring a tiny 10cm!

Dog with the longest tongue

But this guy could lick Boo Boo away. Puggy the Pekingese is the dog with the longest tongue - it's a slobbering 11.5cm!

World's tallest dog

Giant George is a Great Dane and that's a pretty good description for him. He's the tallest living dog and measures over 104cm from the ground to the top of his shoulders!

Record-breaking Smurf collection

A collection of 1,061 Smurf items is the largest in the world. The owner must really love the Smurfs - he's even dressed up as one for the photo!

Fluffy the python

Fluffy the reticulated python is the longest snake in captivity, slithering in at an amazing 7.3 metres!

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott set a record with her single Boys and Girls. It made the biggest jump to number one ever, climbing from number 72 in the charts to the top spot in just a week.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has set the record for the most weeks in the UK chart, clocking up 154 weeks in the top 75!

World's smallest cow alongside a regular bull

Posing for the camera here is Swallow from Cheshire. At only 85cm tall, she's the world's smallest cow. Standing next to a regular bull you can see just how tiny she is.

Balloon popping dog

This Jack Russell is a big fan of balloons - popping them that is! Anastasia burst into the record book by taking only 44.49 seconds to pop 100 balloons.