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Last Updated: Wednesday September 29 2010 11:51 GMT

Who are your heroes?

American President Barack Obama

American President Barack Obama has written a children's book about 13 American legends who he thinks can inspire children everywhere.

They include former American presidents and sports stars, but who inspires you? Who are your heroes?

Are they famous celebs or people closer to home?

What do you think makes someone a hero? Do they need to be famous? Or is it someone who's overcome challenges to achieve their dreams?

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Your comments

"My hero is Hayley Williams, because she's an amazing singer, and a wonderful person. I also admire Matt Bellamy as a singer."

Bethany, 13, England

"My hero would have to be Miley Cyrus. She's amazing! A lot of what's said about her isn't true. She's a really good person who cares a lot about people!"

Rebecca, 12, Lancashire, England

"My hero is Justin Bieber because he is a really talented singer and is my inspiration!"

Maimoona, 12, London, England

"My hero is Jenson Button because he is good at racing in Formula One."

Jamie, 14, Scottish Borders, UK

"Probably Amy Pond from Doctor Who because she's funny and really kind."

Amy, 12, Peterborough, England

"Selena Gomez is my hero because she is a very nice person and she is not full of herself."

Moira, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"My hero is Beyonce. She has a fantastic voice and amazing songs."

Anna, 12, London, England

"My hero is Leonardo DiCaprio because he is the best actor ever."

Sol, 14, Liverpool, England

"My hero is Anna Wintour, editor of US Vogue. She is an incredible hard-working woman!"

Ollie, 14, Lancashire, England

"Even though I don't know most of them personally, my heroes are those who risk their lives for their country in the army, navy etc. And those who help save others' lives, like nurses and firemen and women. I don't think that they get enough credit for what they do."

Emily, 13, Cheshire, England

"My heroes are my mum and dad. My sporting hero is Jessica Ennis."

Jasmine, 11, Surrey, England

"My heroes are Justin Bieber and JK Rowling, because Justin is huge. JK Rowling is because she's really clever and she writes amazing books, which I can't stop reading!"

Emma, 11, London, England

"Probably Alexandra Burke and people who risk their lives to save ours."

Meg, 10, Scotland

"My hero is John Cena because he is funny, strong and my favourite WWE wrestler."

James, 10, West Midlands, England

"My hero is definitely Ellen Whitaker, the famous horse rider. I want to be just like her when I'm older."

Tiffany, 13, Scotland

"Leonardo DiCaprio, because he's the best actor ever."

Sol, 11, Liverpool, England

"My hero is Kasper Schmeichel because he's a goalkeeper who plays for Leeds United and I'm a goalkeeper too!"

Cameron, 12, Leeds, England

"Andy Caroll, because he helped Newcastle reach the Premier League!"

Danny, 12, London, England

"My hero is Slash from the band Guns and Roses. He's such a good guitarist."

Joe, 12, Worcestershire, England

"I like Nicola Peltz, Dev Patel and Jackson Rathbone because they all played their parts brilliantly in The Last Airbender."

Eleanor, 12, Cambridge, England

"My hero is Rafael Nadal because he is a brilliant tennis player and a very kind person."

Bethany, 14, Cornwall, England

"My heroes are John Cena, Michael Jackson, Hugo Duncan and my family!"

Catherine, 14, Belfast, N. Ireland

"My hero is David Beckham because he's been able to overcome many things to remain playing football at the top of his game."

Robert, 11, Yorkshire, England

"My hero is Beyonce because she sings fantastic songs and she's also very beautiful."

Monica, 9, London, England

"Bobby Moore, because he was an excellent player for England!"

Hannah, 8, London, England

"My hero is Cheryl Cole because I love the way she dances."

Harry, 8, London, England

"It has to be my best friends Nell and Jane, because they care for me and I care for them!"

Michelle, 8, London, England

"My hero is Miley Cyrus. She's the BEST!!"

Miriam, 13, Italy

"My hero would have to be Matt Smith. He has to be the best Doctor there's ever been!"

Lucy, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"My hero is Johnny Depp because he's a fantastic actor and can play absolutely any role. He also seems to really understand people."

Jenn, 13, London, England

"My heroes are the Beatles, because they produced great music with beautiful, meaningful and truthful lyrics. They were also really funny!"

Sofia, 13, Scotland

"It's all very well having footballers, singers and actors as your heroes, but in my opinion, they aren't real heroes. I have many heroes who I don't know the names of, such as policemen, firemen and doctors."

Javeria, 10, Oxford, England

"My heroes are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. They are really amazing singers and they haven't let fame go to their heads."

Shaista, 12, England

"My hero is most definitely Michael Jackson. He was and still is a huge inspiration to us all. He was a true perfectionist, a fantastic performer and he donated millions of pounds to charity."

Freya, 12, Bolton, England

"It would have to be Michael Jackson, because his voice is so special to me!"

Holly, 9, London, England

"Nathan Redmond who plays for Birmingham City, because he's just 16 and is AMAZING."

Adam, 11, Shropshire, England

"My hero is my mum. She was there for me from when I was born and has never given up on me since!!"

Tahmina, 14, Hackney, England

"My hero is Cheryl Cole because she is pretty, funny, kind, talented and has had to deal with so much. She is just such an amazing person! I hope to meet her one day!"

Georgina, 13, Bedford, England

"Jedward are my heroes. They're the best!"

Kay, 12, Coventry, England

"Pixie Lott, Jedward, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell. They're all so cool!

Aoife, 10, Dublin, Ireland

"My heroes are Nadine Coyle and the people fighting for this country in Afghanistan!"

Shona, 11, London, England

"My hero is Michael Essien because he's good at football!"

Yaw, 8, London, England

"My hero is Lady Gaga because she doesn't judge people. She's an amazing entertainer and loves her fans!"

Shannon, 13, Channel Islands

"My hero is Nick Jonas. I love his music and when I'm sad it makes me feel so happy."

Leah, 14, Liverpool, England

"My hero is Kenny Miller. I think he's a great football player."

David, 10, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

"Taylor Swift, because she writes and sings her own songs, she's beautiful and really nice to her fans!"

Elena, 12, Belgium

"My hero is Lady Gaga. Her music and sense of style is so unique and I like the fact that she's different from everyone else."

Amber, 12, London, England

"My hero would have to be Michael Jackson. He has inspired me so much! He did a lot for those who were in need."

Ka Yi, 12, Midlands, England

"My heroes are David Tennant, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Catherine Tate, because they're all brilliant at acting!! They're so talented!"

Amreen, 13, Kent, England

"My heroes are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber because they are both really good singers."

Megan, 10, Belfast, N. Ireland

"My hero is Aston Merrygold from JLS, because I feel that I can really relate to him."

Abinaya, 11, London, England

"Alexandra Burke, because she is a beautiful singer."

Jazmine, 10, London, England

"My hero has to be Anne Frank. She was a brilliant writer and she's inspired me to write my own stories."

Lillian, 9, Portstewart, N. Ireland

"My heroes are The Saturdays, Miley Cyrus and Alexandra Burke because they are all such good singers!"

Laura, 11, Newcastle, England

"My hero is Justin Bieber because he looks so handsome!"

Louise, 12, Manchester, England

"My heroes have to be my family members. They are so special to me, especially my little brother."

Cara, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"It's got to be my mum. She brought me up on her own in a rough area of a city, without much money. We've got my dad now, though! She's amazing. Love you, mum."

Maisie, 12, Angus, Scotland

"My heroes are Cheryl Cole, David Tennant, Kat Shoob and my teachers because they are all amazing people who I love to bits!"

Eleanor, 14, London, England

"I think that John Lennon is great. He might have been around in the sixties, but I really enjoy listening to his music and finding out about his life."

Katie, 12, Wiltshire, England

"I would say Justin Bieber, because when he became famous I started singing."

Rafhael, 10, London, England

"My hero is Chris Moyles because he's so funny!"

Angela, 10, London, England

"My hero is Matt Smith because he is such a good Doctor!"

Matthew, 10, Herefordshire, England

"My hero is Scott Parker who plays for West Ham United."

Matthew, 9, Reading, England

"I like Taylor Swift."

Jessica, 11, Wiltshire, England

"People I would choose: Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, the Obama family, Usher and hmm I can't think of anyone else."

Maria, 10, London, England


Barack Obama

Barack Obama

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