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Last Updated: Wednesday September 15 2010 18:18 GMT

In pics: Indian gymnasts' super-strength moves

Mallakhamb gymnast balancing horizontally off a pole

These mallakhamb gymnasts in India are practising some of their super-strength moves.

Mallakhamb gymnast balancing horizontally off a pole

Their routine includes balancing horizontally from a pole, just by using their own muscle power - awesome!

Group of gymnasts performing their routine

The word mallakhamb means gymnastís pole. The sport is a combination of traditional Indian gymnastics and martial arts and includes the use of poles and ropes.

Mallakhamb gymnast balancing on top of a pole

They hope to perform during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. The sporting event is going to be held in Indiaís capital city of Delhi in October.

Gymnast balancing on pole

Sonaliís going to be at the Commonwealth Games too, so she might even see them! Be sure to check out Sonaliís live reports from the event.