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Last Updated: Tuesday September 14 2010 15:24 GMT

Massive weather experiment starts

Leah's big weather experiment

The largest weather experiment ever attempted has been launched to try and track changes in UK weather.

People across the UK are being asked to take part by measuring the weather in their local area.

The aim of the Great British Weather Experiment is to collect information about the weather across the country for a month.

The findings will be used to help scientists track how quickly the weather changes this autumn.

The people behind the experiment say all you need to take part is thermometer and a rain gauge, which you could make using a plastic drinks bottle.

Scientists are looking for local weather patterns

Dr Liz Bentley, who is running the experiment, said: "We're interested in the regional details; in little micro climates.

"There are places where unusual things are happening, like frost hollows and windy conditions.

"Each place has its own unique bits of weather and we want to find out about them."