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Last Updated: Thursday September 09 2010 18:22 GMT

Schools should do more to stop racist bullying

CCTV footage of schoolboy Henry, who was a victim of racist bullying

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Schools should be doing more to stamp out racist bullying, a new report says.

Schoolboy Henry, now 18, was attacked three years ago for being white. A gang beat him up and left him with serious head injuries.

Henry's school says they couldn't have done anything to stop him getting attacked, but Henry disagrees.

After a big investigation, a report says schools must find out why someone's being bullied and if it's because of their skin colour.

It also says schools should keep a record of the race of all bullies and their victims, and the police should be told about any racist pupils.

There'd been lots of trouble between white and Asian pupils at the school, and Henry and his friends had been badly bullied.

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