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Last Updated: Wednesday September 08 2010 13:31 GMT

In pics: Diet for fat orangutan in new home

Oshine the orangutan in her travel box

Oshine orangutan has been put on a healthy diet after becoming a whopping 100kg - twice her normal weight - while kept as a pet in South Africa. She's now moved to Monkey World in Dorset, England.

Oshine and her travel box being lifted by special machinery

As she's so heavy, special machinery was needed to lift her, but experts say she liked her travel box which brought her back safely to the UK.

Oshine in the creche

Although she's an adult, Oshine is living in a creche for a while where she's been meeting other orangutans for the first time.

Oshine and her fruit and veg diet

Oshine is also starting a healthier diet of fruit and vegetables. It's a big change from the sweets, jelly and marshmallows that she was used to eating before.

Oshine the orangutan seems angry!

But it looks like Oshine might not be happy with her change of diet - no sweets!