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Last Updated: Wednesday September 08 2010 07:44 GMT

Overweight orangutan put on diet

Overweight orangutan Oshine

An overweight orangutan has been put on a diet of fruit and vegetables by her new owners at Monkey World rescue centre in Dorset, south-west England.

Oshine weighs 100kg, twice her normal body weight. Keepers are making sure she gets lots of healthy food and exercise.

The ape was offered to the rescue centre by her owner in South Africa, where she was being kept as a pet.

Oshine made the 10-hour flight from Johannesburg in a specially made cage.

It's thought that being kept as a pet led Oshine to put on lots of weight, as she didn't lead a regular orangutan lifestyle.

Oshine's owner could no longer look after the animal so decided to find her a new home.

At the moment, Oshine is living in the rescue centre's creche with baby orangutans while she learns more about orangutan behaviour and works to lose weight.

But once she is fitter, she will join other adult orangutans, where it's hoped she will be able to breed and start her own family.